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The AIDs Relief program -Light of Hope initiative Goal is to enhance identification of HIV positive clients in the community, provide psychosocial and ensure linkage successfully.

During our Slum outreaches as well as door evangelism and home visits to the homes of the orphans and other vulnerable children in the community, we observed and indentified parents as well as care takers of these children, the majority as infected and affected by HIV and AID. Through our community based visits we realized that parents and guardians have died due to non adherence to the ATIRETROVIRAL DRUGS and therapy that are used to treat and manage HIV and AIDS people.

Therefore chosen Generation Africa came up with an initiative called Light of Hope within the organization that intervenes to reduce the risk of HIV transmission and empower PLWHA to Adhere to Anti retroviral Therapy to reduce deaths and help them cope through this initiative.

CGA-LIGHT OF HOPE initiative was founded and focuses on the following main objectives:

  • Provide door to door HIV Testing services in order to indentify HIV positive clients.
  • Link HIV positive clients in to TB an d HIV care services
  • Supporting HIV client in self management
  • Improve retention of HIV positive clients into care
  • Identify appropriate existing community –based organizations (CBOs) and faith – based organization (FBOs) who work with OVC and PLWHA.
  • Identify the HIV positive clients within the community
  • Provide psychosocial support to OVCs, TB clients and PLWHA in the community.
  • Link the identified clients to appropriate care and support

Chosen Generation Africa- Light of Hope initiative guide is divided into several chapters:

  • HIV and AIDS education.
  • Client centered counseling
  • Referral to care and support services,
  • Promote adherence to care

HIV/AIDS Care and support unit

As the global economy has continued to struggle, several local organizations providing care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS (PHA) must continuously turn away potential clientele due to a lack of resources. CGA-Light of Hope initiative is proud to offer its services to those who would otherwise have nowhere left to turn, at no cost to the client and at a very minimal cost to the organization. Over the past years, this initiative has expanded to accommodate more than 1000 families throughout the Districts.

A great deal of work has been put in and much has been achieved despite several challenges. CGA-LOH is looking forward to consolidating the achievements registered and to implementing more innovative and sustainable projects in the coming implementation years

CGA –LOH welcomes financial, material and Technical support locally and internationally. For international donations and for more information concerning CGA-LOH you can contact us