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As CGA continues to make strides in transforming lives, the organization’s future endeavors are marked by a vision of expanding its impact. The establishment of Comprehensive Development Centers is on the horizon. Envisioned to be a sanctuary where children not only experience the joys of childhood but also find a profound sense of belonging and, most importantly, safety. Your support for the construction of the Community development Center makes you an integral part of creating a haven for hope—a place where children can escape the shadows of exploitation and embrace a future filled with promise.

The Center will be equipped with recreation facilities, discipleship programs, educational resources, mentorship programs, skill development workshops, healthcare services, and community engagement activities. All these elements contribute to fostering a well-rounded environment that supports the holistic development of children.

Through the incorporation of recreation facilities, our aim is to provide opportunities for these young individuals to excel in various sports and activities, promoting skills, discipline, and teamwork. Your involvement in this mission signifies a commitment to creating positive change and ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive in a nurturing and supportive environment. Together, we are building more than a center; we are constructing a future filled with promise and potential now and generations to come.

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