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Chosen Generation Africa, founded by Peace Terrien, originates from a deeply personal journey. Peace was raised by her single mother, whom she lost tragically to HIV/AIDS in 2002 during her teenage years, a time when many children faced the profound impact of losing parents to the same epidemic. Following this loss, Peace moved in with her spiritual parents, who were residing in one of the urban slums in Kampala, Uganda. There she encountered numerous vulnerable kids navigating the community with no sense of direction, left alone by mothers seeking employment. Witnessing this ignited a compelling desire in Peace to gather and engage them, offering both productivity and life-changing experiences. From this point, she initiated fellowships, incorporating storytelling using the Bible and children’s materials from Samaritan’s Purse to instill behavior change, create a sense of belonging, and provide mentorship.

Peace enlightened the community every weekend and on non-school days as the children from the community gathered at Peace’s residence for meetings and engaging activities. As the number of children increased, youth also joined, and more volunteers enrolled to facilitate fun activities, mentorship for the children, and economic development programs for the youth. Soccer competitions were also organized with other slum groups. This sincere and heartfelt initiative laid the foundation for the establishment of Chosen Generation Africa in 2006.

Over the years, various programs have been introduced, including the HIV/AIDS initiative. This dedicated initiative was launched in response to witnessing the heightened vulnerability of the community to HIV/AIDS with the purpose to support risk reduction interventions among vulnerable children. This initiative strives to enhance adherence to HIV treatment and retain children living with HIV in care through community follow-ups conducted in collaboration with government hospitals nearest to the community. Notably, this specific program attracted funding from the Infectious Disease Institute and the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau

Peace now resides in Vermont, USA, and is married to Thomas Terrien. Her unwavering commitment to serving vulnerable children and youth remains steadfast. A dedicated team of staff and volunteers in Uganda continues the impactful work as they collaborate with CGA-USA offices which serve as a strategic hub for fundraising activities, raising global awareness, and fostering collaboration with international partners.

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