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Are you ready for a life changing trip to Uganda that could redefine your purpose and leave a lasting mark on the lives of others? Join us on this action-packed mission trip where every moment is an opportunity to make a difference. Immerse yourself in a journey filled with cultural exploration, impactful charity work, and unforgettable experiences. Together, let’s bring your dream of changing the world to life. Let’s embark on this incredible adventure together!

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Your journey of impact begins here. Fill out the form and join us in making a positive change in Uganda!


What is included?

  • Ground Transportation: (Providing transportation to and from scheduled destinations) including airport pick-up and drop-off.
  • Breakfast
  • Admission To Activities: Admission to all activities is covered
  • Accommodation


Not Included

  • Passport: The United States Postal Service offers passport services. is another recommended provider.
  • International Airfare.
  • Visa: You will need a valid Visa to enter. Please do not wait until the last minute to obtain your Visa. Visit is a VISA provider.
  • Vaccinations: The Yellow Fever vaccine is required; visit  for the nearest travel clinic near you.
  • Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is highly recommended. Trip deposits and payments are non-refundable. Therefore, it is prudent to protect your investment. Insurance options
  • Medical Travel Insurance: Medical travel insurance is highly recommended & different from travel insurance. Your domestic medical policy may not cover an international medical emergency.
  • Lunch and Dinner: You will be responsible for your own lunch, dinner and snacks. You will be afforded the opportunity to purchase lunch and dinner daily.

Mission Trips to Uganda Calendar:

  1. September Mission trip.
  2. January Mission Trip.


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